Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vivere L' Italia!

Nothing compares to a summer abroad, but when your travelling far from home it's nice to have your main objectives SHOP. VISIT. PARTY. MEET NEW PEOPLE. This is my second holiday spent in Italia and I still can't get enough! It was quite exhausting though. But also full of joy and meeting lovely people I'll never forget :)
Venice has one of the most lovable shops and boutiques! Running down all Piazza San Marco they have it all from Valentino, MaxMara, Georgio Armani, Versace, Missoni and other foreigh designers to teen urban shops United Colors of Benetton, Blanco, Promod soon H&M .. and the list is endless.
Venice is absoloutly beautiful! I'd kill to live there. Seemed like everything its inhabitant wore were designer of expensive label. I got to admit italien chicks have good tastes.. their style? simple and expensive very very expensive.
And for us whom are most non-sport addopters it seemed so delightful to see citizen of Venice doing their daily jogging besides cliff of The Gulf of Venice. Wish we could have stayed more in Venice :(
Even San Marino it's a great place to go shopping if your searching for cheap alcohol and cigarettes. And YES they sell this shit to kids under eighteen.. Life can be so fascinating sometimes :)
Next stop: Pesaro. The food was good (we ate Nutella every morning ♥), the city was lovely, people were nice, we were like 14 people in a room but we got over it :)
And Finally we arrived to Loreto! And there it all begin ♥:)

It was wonderful(exept for the part when they took our Absoloute Vodka bottle)! Thank you all for making it that way!:)

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