Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Carrie Bradshaw 2.0

I'm a huge fan of Sex and the City and I've always seen myself as a Carrie. However at some point watching a TVshow over and over again gets boring and it worns off. But then I heard a new version of Sex and the City is coming up, based on the novels “The Carrie Diaries” and “Summer and the City” by Candace Bushnel.

The 1st season was amazing honestly.. everything! The clothes.. the cast.. the story.. but mainy the CLOTHES! So obviously I took some time to analyze the look for the 17 year old version of Carrie Bradshaw. As well as the Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker the young version of Carrie is very girly and romantic wearing pink dresses and cute prints.

So the question we're all having.. Who's better as Carrie? AnnaShopia Robb or Sarah Jessica Parker?
BTW.. Season premiere of The Carrie Diaries on October 25th 8.7c on CW!

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