Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How do you choose your lipstick?

It can get really tough to choose the perfect lipstick that looks good on you no matter what you wear. Naturally you go on trying diffrent types and colours, but how do you know if it looks good? Of course your friends will always give you a positive response whether you look good or not. So how can you tell?

Ignoring the obvious options red lipstick and lip gloss, I managed to make a list of 5 lipstick you must own:

GET THE LOOK! Emma Stone in flower print dress

My second "Get The Look" issue :) This is a picture of Emma Stone (24) from the shoot of Glamour Magazine February 2013. I know I should have done it earlier but I left it somewhere in my PC and just forgot about it.

You probably recognize Emma Stone from "Crazy. Stupid. Love", "The Amazing-Spiderman" and "Easy A", she's been in the public eye for a while. However I love her spring outfits in the shoot flower prints, bright colours exactly what we need as a reminder that summer is getting closer! :)