Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Highlights of NYC Fashion Week 2014

"Every spring, the women of New York would leave the foolish choices of their past behind and look forward to the future, this is known as Fashion Week."
Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City (2008)

Truth be told, no one beats Carrie Bradshaw at introductions, just how no one would have described Fashion Week better. New year, new clothes. And designers didn't let 2014 start without brand new collections. The first day of New York Fashion Week saw a number of celebrities, including actresses, TV personalities, models and athletes coming down the runways. My favorite was the dress Anna Sophia-Robb presented by Alice + Olivia, a lovely black off-shoulder gown with red lace motif all over. Also, celebrities like Bella Thorne, Victoria Justice and Kat Graham walked in some really stunning red gowns.

However, some Street Style outfits caught my eye. Obviously, the place was crawling with fahion editors, models, stylists and celebrities sporting fabulous designer clothes, so the number of items I saw in the photos, that I (hearted) are nearly limitless. I selecred a few though, here they are:

Actress, Anna Shophia-Robb
Style Development Editor for Glamour, Christina Perez
Model, Karlie Kloss
Blogger, Leandra Medine

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Layer Up! It's Still Winter

Winter is not over, we're barely in February and there's a long way to the summer-spring sunny weather. So, untill then the only thing we can do is look stylish while covering up like Heidi Kulm, Miranda Kerr and Gwen Stefani. As you can see black wintercoats and leather are still big these season and they would probably last for a while. Therefor, you could gently mix a long black wintercoat with some black leather leggings, a knitted top preferably a pastel colour and a pair of black studded boots.
That should do the trick!